Sourcewell Service Program

Best-in-class service for all of your garage equipment, all over North America. Exclusively with your Sourcewell membership.


Getting service for a wide variety of garage equipment can be daunting and unpredictable. By using one source with menu-based pricing, you always know what you’re getting.


Inspection is an often overlooked yet crucial part to automotive lift safety and operation. Based on multiple ANSI standards (ANSI/ALOIM and ANSI/ALCTV), lift inspection is recommended once per year to catch problems before they arise. All of our inspectors are ALI-Certified.


Whether you need training for the first time on a brand new machine or whether you need a refresher course for the whole department, we can train on any brand we sell.

Warranty Registration & Manuals

Did you know that most automotive lift and garage equipment brands require that you register your machine to activate the warranty? We can activate your warranty for you. Additionally, if you need any additional operation manuals (for new or discontinued products, or for lift safety) we can provide them.


Even the highest-quality equipment can be ruined by a less-than-stellar installation. Click here to learn more about continuous auditing and quality control process of our 1000 expert installers.

Removals and Transfers

Sometimes buying a new lift isn’t the best option for your organization. GovGarage can orchestrate single or multi-location removals and transfers of ANY garage equipment, no matter the size or distance.

CAD Design

Our computer-aided design team can help you place your garage equipment setup in a way that maximizes efficiency and productivity while minimizing errors that could cause operational bottlenecks or safety hazards.

Offbrand Service

All of the services listed here are available not only for the brands that we actively sell on our contract, but we also can provide all of the services you see here (including custom-made parts) for defunct, discontinued, and old models of lifts and other garage equipment. 

Tracking Your Equipment

As a GovGarage user, you can track all of your equipment in one, easy-to-use dashboard. Upload inspection status, important documents, and never lose track of your equipment again. Most importantly, you don’t need to be a prior customer to use this software if you’re a Sourcewell Member.

Rendering Services on Platform

You can render any of these services directly on the GovGarage platform, through both the singular equipment pages (for your personal inventory) and through our e-Commerce website on checkout.

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